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The Lashd App makes it easy to find, book and manage appointments with your local service providers.

“The downturn in the economy has had a significant impact on small businesses. My vision is to reinvigorate the small business market by providing exposure to the customers who matter most, the local customer who is looking for those businesses nearby. Lashd is an exciting development in line with the growing trend of local service apps such as Airtasker, UberEats and Meal Pack services. Lashd will make finding appointments more efficient for customers and boost business for providers!” – Joanne Pellew

Busy, time-poor people, get ready! Serial entrepreneur Joanne Pellew has interrupted Google, Instagram and Facebook searches with the launch of her interactive directory app for Apple and Android! No more struggling with trying to find an available appointment with a local small business, thanks to Lashd!


Finding those self-care, maintenance, special occasions, indulgences or health & fitness appointments when and where you want them has never been easier. Born out of Perth Western Australia, Lashd makes it so easy to book an appointment, whether it be at a home salon or a mobile booking or a business salon for hair & makeup, nails, tanning, waxing, fat cavitation, skin treatments, personal training, counseling and so much more. With thousands of small businesses listed in the app, the customer is only shown the first 10 service providers, in their local area and with the service and available appointment time. This eliminates overwhelming search results that could be on the other side of the city or in another location altogether.

Lashd is an app that enables customers to find available appointments with a service provider at a time and a place that suits them. It breaks new ground in service, imagery, and customer experience and offers a community for Service Providers to boost their business. The user interface is exciting and intuitive, like flicking through an interactive magazine.


Joanne – an inspirational, hands-on and self-taught entrepreneur – has devoted and diversified her already vast portfolio to fund and drive the business, creating an app that will give you access to local, approved service providers around the clock! Joanne has a vision of going beyond the existing booking platforms to offer a premium and convenient experience for busy people on the go and pressed for time.

The dream of snapping your fingers and landing the booking you want, with minimal effort, is now just one click away. You can be pampered, primped and preened by the best in the biz! You can choose mobile or salon bookings for your ultimate convenience. From school formals to race days, weddings, to lash refills or spray tans and more, you can rest assured that the Lashd app will meet your needs.

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“"Technology has enabled people to take advantage of on-demand services where you formerly needed to make reservations or call a dispatch service. In our society, where 'instantaneous reward' has become the norm, [the shift towards] on-demand is inevitable."”


Lashd puts local small businesses that make you look, feel or live better at your fingertips, with a range of high-quality beauty, body, skin, fitness and wellness gurus at your disposal for either short notice, in advance or regular appointments.

A revolutionary app that simplifies the process of finding, booking and managing appointments with local small businesses, covering every category that makes you look good, feel good or live good at your fingertips.  Everyone Needs LASHD!

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