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Let’s face it: The world is changing and fast. Customers want a fast, convenient and user-friendly experience when booking a range of services. Thanks to Lashd, the self-care, maintenance, indulgence and wellness industry has now joined the ranks of other 21st-century convenience experts, like Uber, Airtasker etc with its revolutionary app.


For customers, the Lashd app means no longer having to wade through pages of irrelevant Google results, frustrating Instagram or Facebook searches, or phoning, emailing or DMing local small businesses, just to try and make an appointment. With Lashd, the customers’ needs are met by using revolutionary technology that provides them with a list of the top 10 local businesses with the service and the available booking time they want. With sought-after categories such as Hair & Makeup, Hair Stylists, Weddings, Lashes & Brows, Nails, Face, Body, Personal Trainers and Massage Health & Wellness, Lashd has you covered!


Unlike other apps in the market, the Lashd service offering expands beyond just hair, face and nails. Lashd offers services such as eyelash extensions, facial treatments, fat cavitation, tanning, personal training, wedding services and health and wellness offerings such as massage, life coaching and even hypnotherapy. So, if you’re in any of these in-demand industries, Lashd is the platform for you.


Lashd’s revolutionary platform makes growing your business easy, whether you’re a new start-up business hoping to join industry, or an existing service provider looking to increase your business, with no setup costs, only an affordable subscription fee, Lashd helps you to break into the market without breaking the bank.


Upon approval to join Lashd, you will receive a custom-made Social Media Kit, which is first posted across all of the Lashd social media pages for promotion and to drive traffic to your Lashd profile. The Kit is then provided to you at no extra cost, for your unlimited use. Lashd provides advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns as part of the subscription model.

Lashd will hold events in your city, providing you with exclusive access, such as industry-specific personal development workshops, to learn from industry leaders and business experts on how to grow and manage your business. There are prizes to strive for from customers’ star ratings and most exciting of all; an annual awards night to honour the best performers in each category. The awards night will be held in a different city each year across our operating countries; Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom and Canada.


The app makes communicating with customers and responding to requests simple and fast, with real-time notifications and updates. The Lashd app also helps you to win new clients and book jobs all in one convenient location. No need to worry about setting up an expensive website, incorporating an online booking platform or worrying about missing emails and calls for bookings.

The Lashd app is a one-stop shop for beauty experts like you to market your business, create beautiful portfolios, get in touch with clients, make bookings and take payments. In fact, Lashd makes accounting, financials and insurance easy.


Lashd offers complete control and personalisation of the app for service providers. As a Lashd Service  Provider, you can not only set your location and the distance you’re willing to travel, but also log on and off based on your availability. In the same vein as revolutionary ride-sharing apps like Uber and service-based apps like Airtasker, Lashd lets you control when and where you work.


Lashd is more than meets the eye; it also operates as a e-marketplace and virtual office for Service Providers. Lashd is building and housing a community of Providers with access to business and industry advice, admin portals, marketing and promotion and brand-building capabilities. It organises your small business, will create extra income while providing exposure to your main market audience of local customers looking for you. 

Lashd is  a marketplace for SERVICE PROVIDERS to build a business in theIR industries so they can explode their income WITHOUT HAVING TO BREAK THE BANK IN THE PROCESS

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