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Let’s face it: The world of beauty is changing. In other industries, it’s become the norm to expect on-demand, to-your-door services, thanks to the likes of Uber, Airtasker, and their contemporaries. Customers want a fast, convenient and user-friendly experience when booking a range of services. Thanks to Lashd, the beauty industry will soon join the ranks of these other 21st-century convenience experts, with its exciting new app.


For customers, the Lashd app means no longer having to try and make it to salons or clinics for their beauty services. With Lashd, all of your clients’ beauty needs can be met at a time and a place that suits them. It’s an on-call glam squad at the tip of their fingers.


Unlike other beauty apps and mobile beauty services in the market, the Lashd service offering expands beyond just hair, face and nails. Lashd offers services such as eyelash extensions, facial treatments, personal training and health and wellness offerings such as massage, life coaching and even hypnotherapy. So, if you’re in the beauty or health & wellness industry, Lashd is the platform for you.


Lashd’s revolutionary mobile beauty services platform makes growing your business easy, whether you’re a new creative hoping to join industry, or an existing health and beauty provider looking to increase your business. With no setup or joining fees, Lashd helps you to break into the market without breaking the bank.


The app makes communicating with mobile beauty services clients and responding to requests simple and fast, with real-time notifications and updates. The Lashd app also helps you to win clients and book jobs all in one convenient location. No need to worry about setting up an expensive website, incorporating an online booking platform or worrying about missing emails and calls for bookings.

The Lashd app is a one-stop shop for beauty experts like you to market your business, create beautiful portfolios, get in touch with clients, make bookings and take payments. In fact, Lashd makes accounting, financials and insurance easy.


Lashd offers complete control and personalisation of the app for service providers. As a Lashd creative, you can not only set your location and the distance you’re willing to travel, but also log on and off based on your availability. In the same vein as revolutionary ride sharing apps like Uber and service-based apps like Airtasker, Lashd lets you control when and where you work.


Lashd is more than meets the eye; it also operates as a e-marketplace and virtual office for beauty service providers and freelancers. Lashd is building and housing a community of creatives with access to business advice, admin portals, portfolio marketing and brand-building capabilities. It will create extra income for wellness experts, stylists and creatives and provide an avenue for beauty academy graduates and self-taught specialists to start earning an income right away.

Lashd will be available on Apple and Android from June 2018.

Lashd is  a marketplace for freelance creativeS to build a business in the beauty and wellness industries so they can explode their income without having to chase clients

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