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Lashd is the exciting new beauty services on demand app.

Launching in Sydney in May 2018 to accommodate those many busy people who want the convenience of high quality beauty therapists or fitness and health gurus visit their homes, according to their needs. Lashd puts time and convenience back into the hands of the customer, who has up to now had to work into the booking schedules of inconveniently located salons.

Lashd means you will never have to stress about taking time off work to get ready for an event due to the salons not being able to fit you in when you need to be. No more looking for parking, crowded shopping centres and then returning to your car in the rain or sweltering heat, ruining your whole look.

You can now relax in the comfort of your own home, with a glass of wine in hand, playing your favourite music while your team of highly skilled creatives make you over. Arrive at your event, feeling like a million dollars.

Lashd for Creatives
…on the move
…on the run
….who want to 10x their business potential…
….who want to choose where they work…
…who want to build a business they love…
…who want to claim their time and maximize their earning potential…

What You Need, Where You Want It